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My main writing, freelancing, and other creations are at My Tumblr (this site) is sort of a… tech back-channel and personal blog. But at some point I decided I can’t stop at just one, so click all these, bookmark them, and make your friends visit 300 times a day:

Finer Things in Tech

I started this in 2009 as a way to share bite-sized tips, tricks, and good ol’ fashioned spit and polish that goes into all the gadgets and apps we use every day. I run it, a few writers contribute, and every section is open to user submissions that I credit with a name and link.

Go Home App, You’re Drunk

Sometimes an app just has to sleep it off.

Abandoned Chicago

An experiment in photography. Places and things, decaying or abandoned, in Chicago.

Don’t Hold It Wrong

There is only one device that you could possibly hold wrong. It is none of these.

Good News, Everyone

Because, honestly, we all could use some.