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Protect the Net

If you care about freedom of speech and the open, democratic principles of the internet, you owe it to yourself and the entire planet to get in touch with your house representative about SOPA—the Stop Online Piracy Act—that’s making its way through Congress.

Tumblr’s Protect the Net page is probably the easiest tool I’ve seen for making your voice heard: it offers a few links that describe the basics of the act and the vicious ways it would destroy the internet if left in its current form. That is not hyperbole.

Enter your phone number, street address, and zip code, and Tumblr will call you with a recorded message from its founder, David Karp, who offers easily digestible talking points about SOPA’s significant fundamental flaws. You will then be automatically connected to your representative’s office where you can leave a message and make your voice heard.

Please do this. Whether you use Tumblr’s Protect the Net page or something else. Please help protect the internet.