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Ryan is the perfect modern leader to rally medieval Republicans who believe that Adam and Eve cavorted with dinosaurs.

Just Think No - New York Times

This is seriously what we’ve come to in the US: a bunch of anti-intellectual nuts who actually believe, or are desperate enough to tell the world they believe, that women have anti-semen super powers and people hung out with dinosaurs—not because they read it in the Bible, but because they *didn’t* read it there. Now this group of socially functional lemmings who, quite literally, will believe anything are trying to find a way to wedge these realities into the Bible’s timeline, never mind why or how they were left out in the first place. I mean, it’s only giant lizard lookin’ things large enough to blot out the sun, provide meat for an entire village, and make one bitchin’ pet for little Johnny. Why bother with a mention?

The only way this makes sense anymore is that there’s a group of scientists who have literally snapped, and the only joy they find in life is through punking society with the craziest Bible-based bullshit they can dream up.

The kicker is, this VP candidate is so backwards that he doesn’t realize his favorite anti-establishment band has been screaming about and against him the entire time. That’s just… that’s a special kind of special right there. How does someone make it this far through that kind of life and not get it, and not actually smell the reeking bullshit of any of this?