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The iPhone 5 announcement was great but was I the only one that felt a bit disappointed that there was really no notable features that weren't already "leaked" or predicted? I kind of liked being surprised with the past Apple keynotes for the iPhone. What about you?

Asked by phlogistologist

Yeah, I was a little surprised there was no big Siri-like secret this year. Siri, for those who don’t remember, was a huge surprise at the iPhone 4S + iOS 5 event in 2011. Apple bought the company a year or so before, but it wasn’t in any of the dev betas.

It’s why I feel conflicted at times. As an Apple customer, personally, I like the company’s ideal of working and polishing something until it’s ready, then surprising and, hopefully, delighting customers with an unveiling.

Flip that coin over and, as a writer, I of course feel compelled to find out everything I can as early as I can so I’m ready. I’ve even been using the betas on both my devices since I have access via the AgileBits dev account.

I think it really comes down to making a choice. If you choose to read all the rumor blogs ahead of time, you more than likely will deflate most or all of Apple’s balloons. Some people want or need to do it, others may simply be info addicts.

I can’t fault Apple for not being able to keep a secret anymore or, if you subscribe to the theory, resorting to leaking some of this stuff itself to help build hype. It’s too large and important of a company, with stiffer competition than ever and plenty of secret-busters on the case.

It seems as though many more sites, including some that never used to dabble in this stuff, can no long avoid talking about it when Apple season comes ‘round. But if you want to be surprised at Apple events again, the choice might still be there. You just have to work a little for it.