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ShortFormBlog: On Tumblr's API and WordPress integration

This is the kind of unfortunateness that really grinds my gears about the Free Way and Open Source Way. Toss a bunch of free stuff out there, hey it’s fun. Everybody hug man, maybe it’s even open source. Wheeeee.

But when stuff breaks and the developer has to move on—almost always understandably—a whole bunch of people who just plain like or have even come to depend on that Hey It’s Fun Hugs Wheeee thing are now up a creek. Is it open source? Great! Everyone’s a developer, right? We can all just check it out of GitHub and make a billion forks of some tiny little single-purpose plugin. Gag me.

Charge for your software, even if it’s just 99¢. But I hope you’re smart enough to charge more. Get paid to do what you love. Can’t or don’t want to do it anymore? Sell it to someone who does. Everybody wins, but most importantly, your users don’t get screwed.