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Google+ Has Been Out for a Year and a Half, Let’s Check In On the Explore/What’s Hot List

To make sure we can all play along, the Explore/What’s Hot section is the giant button in the left sidebar titled “Explore”:

  • This analyst firm says iOS sucks Android’s balls
  • Here’s how to root your latest Galaxy Nexus Extra HD Petro Mega Dung Conquistador XP with the latest gamma 52 ROM so you get three extra wallpapers
  • God it’s so awesome Facebook and its 1 billion stupid sheeple users all died yesterday let’s write a song about it
  • Hey look a Mercedes ad (comments: Jesus, Apple people are retarded)
  • Holy buttnuggets that Jobs sure was a jackass
  • The Linux phone is going to happen (but don’t forget Apple people hump soccer balls)
  • Ooooohhh, money shot all over Facebook users’ faces
  • Here’s an infographic proving scientifically that you could buy 1,000,000 gumballs for the price of an iPad I’m pretty sure there is something scientifically wrong with Apple and its sheeple customers
  • The 354 most popular Android phones for the next two hours
  • This heartbreaking thing happened or will happen so please click 1,000,000 millions likes er I mean “+1s” so everyone knows that this isn’t the same type of brain-dead 21st century chain letter that happens on Facebook because it’s different here