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MacStories: ‘How strange is Apple’s iMessage? The strangest.’

iMessage is complicated and has had a bad lock-in problem for two years, while Google Hangouts has plenty of its own problems. I know I’m a dissenter among most of the tech folks you know, but confusion and frustration with iMessage and Hangouts are why my messaging preferences these days are now, in order:

  1. Facebook Messenger (personal if you know me, or you can message my Page for work stuff)
  2. ADN PM
  3. Twitter DM

They work. They keep messages in order. They push notify. I don’t need to know one email address for this device or a different account for this other purpose or whoops that’s not your mobile number it’s Google Voice so that message just went nowhere. All I need to know is your name, you know, like in the real world.

The post-PC world is great. The post-SMS world—a work in progress, to be fair—is an utter mess.