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Engadget - Google will soon display your Google+ photo when you call an Android phone

Other things Google could tie to my Google+ profile without asking and display to every Android user I call:

  • the three most popular things I searched for this week
  • my home address, which I never added to my Google+ profile. How do they work such magic?!
  • the likely reason why I un-Circled that double-crossing asshat Karen, based on an algorithmic analysis of hers and my recent behavior
  • no I don’t want American-Brazilian fusion for dinner tonight
  • a clip of my most recent total fail in [the current popular game], which I didn’t even know was being recorded. Sweet!
  • the top three medical conditions I am probably suffering right now, based on analysis of my (anonymous, of course) search history and that nervous joke I cracked in a Hangout last month

I’ve been listening to people in Chicago coffee shops complain about smartphones. Conversations have been entirely about iPhone and Android. Granted, this is extremely anecdotal, but still.

I haven’t once heard “flat” tossed around. But I sure have heard a lot of “my iPhone doesn’t do X or Y” and “I’m so glad my new Android lets me do Z.” I sure hope Apple has been listening, too.

In other words, Apple has product/market fit in the phone market in a way that it never had in the personal computer market. ALL of the key dynamics that doomed it in the computer market are fundamentally different in the phone market - this time, they all work in Apple’s favour, and in favour of the high-end market in general.

Benedict Evans

It might be tempting to think Android represents a replay of how round one of the PC market ended up for Apple (though, note that it has been the top notebook seller in the US and a top PC seller worldwide for a while now). This is one of the most succinct explanations I’ve seen yet for why you would be wrong.