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In other words, while the tides of attention-based, multi-million-dollar startups churn red with the blood of all the contenders, I think there’s a vast blue ocean waiting for independent developers to make prosumer and pro software. I look at an app like Editorial by Ole Zorn and think, “My god, that’s where the rest of us should be going.”

Jared Sinclair: The Indie Ocean

He’s right. Replacing your old ‘n busted Mac or PC with an iPad is more viable than ever, and more apps than ever are staring to mature. The “make it free” VCs aren’t after making viable products for the long haul, they’re just whipping out new shiny and rolling the mindshare dice to get bought out, drop the product and all its users, and move on to the next big win.

Lots of Mac developers jumped on iOS because they saw what was coming (after all, they are Apple customers) and brought over Mac-caliber apps. Maybe they were just a little ahead of their time. Maybe now, these kinds of apps will be right on time.

The increasing diversity of the Store makes it ever more difficult to police. The size of the install base magnifies the implications of even small changes in policy. The volume of money flowing through the store means that interested parties are increasingly motivated to gain every advantage. If Apple wants to keep the App Store special, it will take difficult and deliberate effort.

Degradation or Aspiration - David Smith

Apple’s role as gatekeeper has drawn ardent praise and provoked sharp criticism. Though iOS had become an incredibly successful platform, where hundred of millions of users gobble up app after app at a pace unmatched by the OS’s rivals, problems have arisen along the way.

And as iOS continues to mature, Apple’s tight grip onto its mobile ecosystem is beginning to make evolution and growth hard for developers who have contributed significantly to the platform’s success.

Why Apple should relax its App Store rules | Macworld

There is still a lot of work we cannot do on iOS not because the apps aren’t there, but because Apple’s rules won’t allow apps to do what we need.

Please, Apple. You’re strangling iOS.