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I wanted to work at Apple really bad, and now not so much — Medium

Unless Jordan is leaving parts out, this is a dreadful story on his part. He got a job at Apple, started working under what he describes as an insulting, territorial boss, and left a month into it.

He doesn’t describe any instances of bringing up the problem to his boss, talking to fellow coworkers to see what the deal is, or, if need be, going to a superior. He just ran into a problem for a couple weeks, did nothing about it, then walked away.

This isn’t so much a story about a bad boss at Apple—hey, every company has ‘em—but a terrible example of how to deal with workplace conflict.

Samsung is giving a free Galaxy Note 3 to every athlete competing in the 2014 Winter Olympics, but those who receive one are reportedly required to ensure that the Apple logo is nowhere to be seen if they use an iPhone to record events at the opening ceremonies.

Samsung wants Olympians to hide the Apple logo on their iPhones during opening ceremonies

I am actively trying not to follow these juvenile antics, often from Samsung, but really?

The increasing diversity of the Store makes it ever more difficult to police. The size of the install base magnifies the implications of even small changes in policy. The volume of money flowing through the store means that interested parties are increasingly motivated to gain every advantage. If Apple wants to keep the App Store special, it will take difficult and deliberate effort.

Degradation or Aspiration - David Smith