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I don’t trust Google. It’s easy to call this point of view paranoid. Easy to laugh at the person who does anything online and is concerned about privacy. Some will do just that when they read this post. But pointing out that one cannot expect the level of privacy that they have in real life does not make you enlightened. You’re simply shutting the door and stopping the conversation from moving forward.

Zac Cichy - Nesting

I saw your post about Google, and I was curious -- what search engine do you use?

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I won’t lie, every now and then it stumbles over something I suspect Google might not. But I usually know where I could go for those things—Wikipedia, Amazon, Reddit, etc.—so the multi-search tools I use like Alfred for Mac and Phlo for iOS more than make up for those times.

You, the users, are just along for the ride. You’re just eyeballs. Body parts and ad-targeting data. Google doesn’t care about you at all. You’ve tolerated enough already that it’s pretty clear you’re not really going anywhere.

Marco Arment on Google’s latest terrible Google+ idea: Hey Let’s Make It Easier For Complete Strangers To Email But Totally Not Harass You

I did it. Day-to-day, I am Google-free. I’ve found alternatives for everything I used to use at Google and I am largely happier for it. My Google Apps account for personal work projects is still laying around, but it’s not doing anything and as soon as I’ve squared everything away, I will delete it.

You deserve better. We all do.