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If you live in the U.S., please urge your representatives to ban Google Glass while driving

Several states are considering legislation that will ban the use of Google Glass while driving. This legislation is an awesome idea and it really should be at the federal level.

Google has begun lobbying some states to abandon this legislation. This is a terrible idea. The last thing people need while behind the wheel of two-ton murder machines is a damn computer screen in front of their eyes and all the distractions that come with it. The only things drivers should focus on is the road and not murdering anyone.

Please contact your representatives and tell them Google Glass behind the wheel—and, really, most other places—is a terrible idea.

Eric Schmidt says consumer version of Google Glass 'probably a year-ish away' | The Verge

Sit somewhere relaxing and take a deep breath.

Open your mind, massage the temples a little.

Now, imagine the mass hysteria—the all-out public pandemonium—that would ensue if Tim Cook said Apple’s Next Big Thing was “a year-ish away.”