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Until [Apple] can master data and services — a critical component of how things work in 2013 — all that’s left for Apple is how things look and feel.

The Verge - ‘Can’t innovate anymore, my ass’: Apple’s bravado clouds the company’s real challenges

iOS 7 is, in many ways, a beautiful new foundation on which to build for the next 5-10 years. But if that beautiful new foundation’s cloud service still mysteriously loses days of work with no way to troubleshoot and no recourse, I have a very difficult time seeing how that foundation is little more than change for the sake of it.

Maybe Apple has some incredible iCloud improvements and truly new ways to work and play in iOS 7 to show off at its fall event. Why we need to wait an entire year to see some of these improvements is another mystery to solve at another time.

I have questions. An open mind, yes. But questions. Certainly more than I’ve had in recent years.