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Our goal is to make the best devices in the world, not to be the biggest. As you know, Nokia’s the biggest. And we admire them for being able to ship the number of handsets that they do. But we don’t aspire to be like them. They’re good at being like them. We want to be like us. And we want to make the best ones.

Jobs speaks! The complete transcript | Macworld, Apple’s Q3 2010 earnings call

If you’re concerned about the language Tim Cook uses to describe Apple’s approach, I present this as a possibility you needn’t be.

Jobs used this kind of language pretty regularly. In fact, of all the things Tim Cook is changing about the way Apple runs and how it treats the press and public (largely for the better, in my opinion), this line about Apple’s product philosophy has not been one of them.

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More so than any person I ever met in my life, he had the ability to change his mind, much more so than anyone I’ve ever met. He could be so sold on a certain direction and in a nanosecond (Cook snaps his fingers) have a completely different view. (Laughs.) I thought in the early days, “Wow, this is strange.” Then I realized how much of a gift it was. So many people, particularly, I think, CEOs and top executives, they get so planted in their old ideas, and they refuse or don’t have the courage to admit that they’re now wrong. Maybe the most underappreciated thing about Steve was that he had the courage to change his mind. And you know—it’s a talent. It’s a talent.

Tim Cook