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No, Nate, brogrammers may not be macho, but that’s not all there is to it — Technology and Society — Medium

In the context of Nate Silver’s response to criticism that he’s hired a mostly white male staff for the FiveThirtyEight relaunch, Zeynep Tufekci uses French social theory and Dr. Seuss to explain why many culture groups, especially white-male-dominated tech, have an exclusionary blind spot.

You, the users, are just along for the ride. You’re just eyeballs. Body parts and ad-targeting data. Google doesn’t care about you at all. You’ve tolerated enough already that it’s pretty clear you’re not really going anywhere.

Marco Arment on Google’s latest terrible Google+ idea: Hey Let’s Make It Easier For Complete Strangers To Email But Totally Not Harass You

I did it. Day-to-day, I am Google-free. I’ve found alternatives for everything I used to use at Google and I am largely happier for it. My Google Apps account for personal work projects is still laying around, but it’s not doing anything and as soon as I’ve squared everything away, I will delete it.

You deserve better. We all do.

FBI can remotely activate Android and laptop microphones, reports WSJ | The Verge

Sean Hollister:

That’s according to a single anonymous former US official, mind you, and neither the FBI nor Google was willing to confirm or deny the report, but remotely forcing a cellular mic to eavesdrop isn’t a new idea. The FBI’s so-called “roving bugs” were used against alleged mobsters in 2004, and in 2002 the FBI kept tabs on supposed criminals using the microphone in a vehicle’s emergency call system. What’s new, according to several former anonymous officials, is a dedicated FBI group which regularly hacks into computers, using both custom and off-the-shelf surveillance software which it buys from private companies.

We live in the future!