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Macworld: stay on top of the Web with read later services

Totally new to “read later” services? Know someone who is? You don’t have to venture into this liberating world alone anymore.

I wrote a primer on read later services for Macworld, including some questions to ask yourself and a screencast. Also: yes, that’s Lando Calrissian in the background and no, I won’t apologize. Not for a minute.

QuickTumblr for iPad takes Tumblr blogging on the go | Macworld

I’ve played with QuickTumblr a bit. It’s not a knock-out home run. But if you’re looking for an iPad Tumblr client that is friendly to long-form text writing, this is a solid option.

At least until the Mobelux crew straighten up, fly right, and get us an official iPad Tumblr client.