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The future is bright and mobile and just a couple weeks away

I just walked out of the house to do lunch at my favorite local Mexican restaurant carrying a small satchel and nothing but my iPad. It’s so light I have to double check to make sure I didn’t forget it.

My iPad is on the iOS 8 beta and our Verizon 4G plan so I can get anything I need almost anywhere I usually go in the U.S. (this is important to me partly because I increasingly distrust public hotspots). I have chat and project apps to stay in touch with coworkers. I have blogging apps and WordPress works decently in Safari now. I’m writing this post in Tumblr. Good photo editors do nearly everything I need now. News apps are better than silly websites on my Mac.

App Extensions in iOS are game changing. If you know me or have read me for any length of time, you know I think that term is an overused cliché but in this case it’s true. Apps will be able to work together and exchange information in ways that are more efficient and convenient than many desktop apps. You heard me. If you were testing some of the apps I have right now, you’d believe me, too.

I have really liked iOS since the beginning and have wanted to go iOS-only for a while. I love its simplicity, focus, and especially mobility. iOS 8 and the possibilities it opens for developers might actually let me do it some day soon.

Instead of leaving the house with a heavy backpack and having to hopscotch between limited, unreliable, sketchy wifi hotspots, I can grab a small satchel and do anything I want anywhere I want, including places where I actually need sunglasses.

My kids use the iPad to play games, read, create movies, make music, paint and draw, and a host of other things they would never be able to do on a PC with its mouse and keyboard input. The iPad is not computing dumbed down; it is powerful computing simplified. And simple solutions require sophisticated technology. That is exactly what the iPad and the new iPad Air is–powerful computing. For many consumers the iPad Air will be the most empowering personal computer they have ever owned.

Ben Bajarin, Techpinions: The iPad Air—A truly mass market personal computer