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Our logo depicts a fox (we call him Fox No. 92) as an allusion to a phrase originally attributed to the Greek poet Archilochus: “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.” We take a pluralistic approach and we hope to contribute to your understanding of the news in a variety of ways.

FiveThirtyEight | What the Fox Knows

Nate Silver and his band of merry data journalists are here to save you from the cesspool of mainstream media with real, actual data journalism.

The New York Times Embraces ‘Organic’ Ad Strategy | Digiday

The New York Times is throwing in the towel and going the way of native advertising and paid posts, much like Facebook, Twitter, and Buzzfeed. You can preview the new design now.

We still have our iPad subscription. Overall, the New York Times is great and the app is a refreshing standout from all the Adobe drivel in the store.

Regardless, humanity saddens me.

Announcing Finer Things in Tech Broadcasts for articles (yes, you heard me) and the best tips from across the site has steadily become far more useful for all sorts of things beyond “a Twitter clone,” and the new Broadcasts is the latest to prove it.

I’m going to start experimenting with Broadcasts for the Finer Things in Tech "featured" category—only the best tips from across the site and, soon, long-form articles from some of the best writers in tech. If you have the iOS app or Android app, you can subscribe to my new Broadcast here. As always, let me know what you think here on Tumblr or get in touch directly.

New York Magazine: Let Tech Blogs Celebrate Start-Ups

Kevin Roose:

Here’s a proposal that could save both sides of this fight a lot of grief: Instead of trying to shame tech blogs into covering Silicon Valley more critically, let’s stop holding them to the standards of traditional journalism and start thinking of them instead as trade publications.