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My kids use the iPad to play games, read, create movies, make music, paint and draw, and a host of other things they would never be able to do on a PC with its mouse and keyboard input. The iPad is not computing dumbed down; it is powerful computing simplified. And simple solutions require sophisticated technology. That is exactly what the iPad and the new iPad Air is–powerful computing. For many consumers the iPad Air will be the most empowering personal computer they have ever owned.

Ben Bajarin, Techpinions: The iPad Air—A truly mass market personal computer

Decades from now, historians will look back on our time—here, now—to discover why and how we finally achieved world peace.

Their conclusion will be unanimous and irrefutable: Tumblr.

my latest revamp of my App Store review of Tumblr’s iOS app. It’s still the best first-party blogging app by a light year.

Juice Pack Air left, Helium right Micr-USB, not Lightning, sadly. Also: that headphone port is tight, you might need the included dongle

A review and comparison of the Juice Pack Helium and Air for iPhone 5

Frustratingly announced within a couple weeks of each other, Mophie’s Juice Pack Helium and Air are two battery cases for the iPhone 5. I’ve been a fan of Mophie’s Air cases for years, so of course I pre-ordered the Helium on day one, hastily filed an RMA request when the Air was announced, then decided to take the opportunity to compare them.

For those who owned the Juice Pack Air for iPhone 4/4S, yes: Mophie dropped that dreadful case design and went with something much better.

After Further Review: iPhone 5 |

I want to try something new with some of my reviews. I wonder if some products are important enough to review initially, then look at again once we’ve spent more time with them in the real world to truly learn how their enhancements play out.

The iPhone 5 is just such a product, so I might as well start here. Since the core aspects were covered thoroughly by others, I want to focus mainly on what is important after spending not just a few days or a week with it, but weeks and months.